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  • 11/06/23 - Added a new index page. Changed original index to a home page.
  • 11/05/23 - New blog post about our recent baptism! Hallelujah!
  • 11/04/23 - Changed website CSS to allow pages to dynamically change height according to its contents. This eliminates the need for two scroll bars to properly view content. (What in the world was I thinking? XP).
  • 09/28/23 - Wrote a blog post on Fang the Sniper's name change.
  • 09/12/23 - Some minor changes to written segments of the site.
  • 08/23/23 - Wrote a blog post on random musings (mostly relating to church). Also been adding some more buttons to the site 'cause that's fun.
  • Wrote a short blog post on my experience with Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.
  • Updated webpages to be more conducive to dynamically changing CSS. Did work on Halloween-themed CSS file ahead of time (still not quite done).
  • 08/01/23 - Added new art to ArtFight section of Art Archive.
  • 07/20/23 - Updated ArtFight section of Art Archive to use thumbnails.
  • 06/26/23 - Website CSS overhaul.

Hi! I'm SomeOtherStranger, and this is my website "A Coyote's Conundrum". I'm a Christian artist and animator with an interest in storytelling. I also have a fascination for technology and a bygone era of digital communications. Here is where you can find my art, blog, and web pages crafted for any of my other interests!

I specialize in 2D digital art and animation, which sometimes includes sprites. I've occasionally dabbled in other things like 3D animation, music, and video editing, but I wouldn't consider them my primary functions.

While the pages and sections under "Country Roads" will be mostly homogenous in layout, the other pages and sections on my website will be styled distinctly (stay tuned for whenever I get that finished lol).