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Thoughts on the Paranormal

Created Wednesday 11 January 2023

As a concept, the paranormal has a unique appeal. UFOs, cryptids, strange small towns in the middle of nowhere, investigations, traveling the US, deserts, forests and open plains. The idea that the world is so much larger and mysterious and that it can be right under people's noses. It's the unique sensation that comes with finding cryptid books in your library, reading about UFOs on crusty Web 1.0 websites, talking on forums, traveling long roads at night, visiting tourist spots, watching the X-Files, looking up at the night sky, and so on.

Admittedly part of my intention in making this website is to capture that appeal, at least in terms of presentation. However, reality proves itself to be much more mysterious and ever more darker.

As a Christian my view on the paranormal is fairly straight forward. Of course we're "not alone", but by that I refer to angels and demons, so consequently I view most paranormal phenomena as either one or the other.

Likewise I do not advocate for pursuing paranormal phenomena. Investigating or documenting it is one thing, but actively trying to contact ghosts, aliens, fairies or whatever else is just asking for trouble. Even if you don't believe in God or angels and demons, the idea of actively trifling with something that's both beyond our understanding and with capabilities far beyond our own is sheer foolishness.

With that being said, this website is mostly just for hobbyist documentation, and perhaps as a bit of a cautionary tale.

Put on the armor of God brothers. No evil can prevail against Him.