Some Other Places

These links are to websites outside of Neocities. Links to other Neocities sites can be found in the footer.

Other places you can find me!

(Inactive accounts are not listed.)

Youtube | | Artfol | Hyun's Dojo | Odysee | The Spriter's Resource | Sudomemo | Art Fight | ComicFury

Sites of some associates!

I write volunteer reviews for Christ Centered Gamer.
The other two sites belong to an acquaintance from there.

Christ Centered Gamer | All The Tropes | The Musings of the Consensus

Sprite Websites!

The Spriters Resource | The Sprite Database | The Mystical Forest Zone | The Leaf Forest Zone | The SGXP | Sprites Inc. | Mario Fan Games Galaxy | The Spritas | The Shy Guy Kingdom (archive)

Other cool places!

The Sonic Center | Sonic Retro | Sonic Stadium

Animation Resources:

Cake Station (Youtube) | Project R.O.S.E. (Youtube) | Scribble Kibble (Youtube)

Music Resources:

CCMixter | OverClocked ReMix | VGMusic

Writing Resources:

The Lantern Hollow Press Blog