Online Christian Resources

A collection of useful online Christian resources in no particular order. I'll add to these as I find more!

  • BibleGateway | Useful Bible reference and version comparison tool.
  • Bible Hub | Another useful Bible reference and version comparison tool.
  • GotQuestions | Though I don't always see eye-to-eye, GotQuestions is a very handy website that has a lot of answers to common Christian questions, usually from a Protestant perspective.
  • The Berean Test | A site that analyzes Christian songs to see if they're solid Biblically.
  • STEP Bible | A very robust Bible study and research tool that allows you to compare various translations to the original language versions.
  • Ligonier | Writes articles on Christians subjects from a Reformed perspective.
  • 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith | The entire 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. This is the confession of faith of traditional Reformed Baptists.
  • The Westminister Confession of Faith | On the Ligonier site. This is the confession of faith often used by Reformed denominations such as Presbyterians.
  • Vanderbilt University Divinity Library | An online archive of Christian artwork.
  • Guide to Christian Iconography | A handy resource Christian iconography.
  • Christian Symbology | A handy resource on Christian symbolism.
  • Christ Centered Gamer | Linked elsewhere on this site. Video game reviews from a Christian perspective, and a solid online Christian community overall.
  • Hummingfluff | Linked elsewhere on this site. Minda Sundberg is a really neat Christian artist who's made some really great Christian comics!
  • Biblia | Another online Bible reference tool.